Folding CNC (Custom Build CNC – Part 2)

Finally I have gotten to talking about version 3 of the CNC router. (Want to see where I started: Part 1)I learned my lessons, pulled on my big person pants and finally did it right. Doing it right started with getting the base table right. For years I had been designing bases out of wood because welding and working with […]

Custom Built CNC – Part 1

Welcome everyone. To cover my past and current Computer Numeric Control (CNC) build will take a few posts. I will be breaking up the documentation and discussion into sizeable chunks. I will introduce the first few builds but avoid the deep details. The final build will be full of details as it is built using all of my lessons learned […]

K40 Laser Cutter Rebuild (12x24in)

Intro If you are reading this post, you most likely already know about the cheap 40 Watt CO2 Lasers available from China which are commonly referred to as K40s. There are several sub variants of the K40 but generally they are in a white and blue or red steel case and have a cutting area of 12 x 8 in […]

CAD Hardware Selection

I usually don’t include bolts and nuts in my CAD assemblies, but this was mostly do to not having CAD files for these things readily available. I decided to fix that and create nut and bolt sets: Metric Button Head: Metric Socket Head: Metric Nuts: Each set contains *.STL, *.F3D and *.STP files and have been optimized for […]

RIDGID Oscillating Sander Wrench

  I love RIDGID’s Oscillating Edge/Belt Sander. Overall, it is a wonderful addition to my shop and has served me diligently since 2012. It sits on a mobile flip top cart that is shared by my plainer. Now, it is a beautifully useful tool, but the nut on the top of the spindle, the star shaped one that holds the […]

New Printrbot Plus V2 – Scrap Built

If you have followed, I tried adding a plastic extruder to my CNC Router. The results were less than desirable. Not horrible all of the time but terribly unreliable. So, I finally decided to build my own 3D printer. Having studied RepRap and many other printers I settled on something that I could build with the tools I had, a […]