Survivor Bias In Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Abraham Wald, a mathematician and statistician known for his work during World War II, highlighted the impact of survivor bias on decision-making through his analysis of military data. Wald was tasked with determining how to best protect military planes from enemy fire, and he was presented with data on planes that had returned from battle with bullet holes in various […]

Advocating as a Leader through Visibility

A few months back I received an award. The Navy, proud of their sailor, posted an article congratulating me and sharing my exploits on various social media outlets. There, predictably, the small barking dogs chewed it to threads. I know better than to read the comments, but as an attack pilot, I could not resist going into enemy territory.  It didn’t take […]

Transgender Werewolves

I usually stay technical in this block, but in light of the recent uptick in hate and violence I offer the following lived perspective. Werewolves are, as you most likely know, folk lore creatures who are human most of the time, but transition to a human/wolf hybrid during the full moon. They are an integral part of the “witch-hunt” phenomenon, […]