Bridging the Dream Gap

I want to share a story, one that many of you might find familiar. It’s about dreams, the kind that seem so distant they blur at the edges, and fade into the horizon, especially for our youth. You see, there’s this thing called “the dream gap.” It’s the void that appears when the role models in the world don’t mirror […]

NAVAIR TDOR 2023 – Speaker for the Dead

Part 1: Introduction and The Paradox of Perception Leaders, Allies, and Wingmen, I am Commander Emily “Hawking” Shilling, She/Her. I am an honor graduate of Test Pilot School, have flown 60 combat missions, 21 airframes, and over 17 hundred hours. I received the Daedalian award for saving my aircraft and crew, from a near-certain total loss. I have also received […]

Transforming Society: Swap Violence for Compassion Now

Human societies, like individuals, have distinct character traits that shape their identities. Two such societies, vastly different in their attitudes and actions, are the subjects of our exploration today: those that are empathetic and compassionate, which we will term “advanced societies”, and those that lean towards violence and cruelty, which we refer to as “primitive societies”. While it may seem […]

From Paradise Lost to Contemporary Political Turmoil:

Drawing Profound Parallels Between John Milton’s Portrayal of Satan and Anti-LGBTQ+ Extremist Politicians of the Modern Era Penned in the 17th century, John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” stands as an undeniable cornerstone of literary achievement. Its enduring popularity rests not only in its epic narrative and poetic grandeur, but also in its deep exploration of complex characters. Perhaps most intriguing among […]

Thirty-One: 2023 DoD Pride Speech

Transcript of speech: These words are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the US Navy or the Department of Defense. I had three speeches prepared for today. One that was happy and uplifting, pretending that everything is okay. Another that was fiery and angry because we know it is not. But I chose this one because […]

Authenticity, Diversity, and Inclusivity: Recap and Actionable Strategies for Military Leadership

As we reach the conclusion of our ten-part series on military leadership, we bring together the threads of our exploration of authenticity, diversity, and inclusivity. We began by discussing the fundamental qualities of authentic leadership and ventured into the realms of diversity and inclusivity, dissecting the significance of each element and how they intertwine to enhance military leadership. Authenticity, the […]

The Future of Military Leadership: Authentic, Diverse, and Inclusive

In this ninth installment of our series on authenticity, diversity, and inclusivity in military leadership, we turn our attention to the future of military leadership. As the importance of authenticity, diversity, and inclusivity continues to be recognized, the landscape of military leadership is poised for significant changes and developments. In this post, we will explore the potential transformations and the […]

Strategies for Fostering Authenticity, Diversity, and Inclusivity in the Military

In this eighth installment of our series on authenticity, diversity, and inclusivity in military leadership, we will explore practical strategies for promoting these values within the military. Drawing on academic research, military best practices, and expert interviews, we will provide actionable insights for leaders who seek to create an environment that fosters authenticity, embraces diversity, and cultivates inclusivity. By implementing […]

Case Studies: Inclusivity in Action in the Military

Welcome to the seventh installment of our blog series on authenticity, diversity, and inclusivity in military leadership. In this post, we will explore real-life case studies that demonstrate the tangible impact of inclusivity within military units. These case studies will provide concrete examples of how military leaders have successfully implemented strategies to foster an inclusive culture and the resulting positive […]