Multiple 3D Printers Controlled with only One Raspberry Pi

Too many printers, not enough Raspberry Pis? Controls Three 3D Printers at once using Repetier Server… Quick Links Design and Files Bill of Materials Introduction Like most of you I have been controlling my 3D printers with Octoprint for years. With each new printer came a new Raspberry Pi. So, when I got my 4th printer, I headed to my […]

Magic Semi-Rigid Tether Deployment Damping Experiment

  A Demonstration and Optimization of a Nanosatellite‘s Mechanically Actuated Gravity-Induced Control (MAGIC) Semi-Rigid Tether Release System and Tip Mass Slow-Down Mechanism   A Part of the Deployment and Intelligent Nanosatellite Operations (DINO) Nanosatellite Project   Author: Timothy Shilling 3/26/04   Based on and Portions From the Work of: Timothy Shilling Jeffrey Parker Michael Martinez Grayson McArthur   Original Concept: […]