Inclusivity in Military Leadership: An Overview

In the preceding installments of our series on military leadership, we explored the essential qualities of authenticity and diversity in detail. Today, we enter another dimension that is equally critical to comprehensive leadership: inclusivity. Inclusivity in leadership is the deliberate effort to ensure that all individuals feel valued, respected, and are actively engaged within an organization. In the military context, […]

Challenges and Solutions to Promoting Diversity in Military Leadership

Welcome back to our series on military leadership. After examining the importance of diversity in our previous post, let’s now shift our focus to the challenges that lie in the path of promoting diversity within military leadership ranks and explore potential strategies to overcome these obstacles. Promoting diversity within the military leadership hierarchy is not an easy task. There are […]

Understanding Diversity in Military Leadership

Welcome back to our ongoing exploration of military leadership through the lens of authenticity, diversity, and inclusivity. In the previous installments, we delved deep into the importance of authenticity in military leadership and its role in high-pressure environments. Today, we will navigate through a new, equally compelling topic: diversity in military leadership. When we talk about diversity, we tend to […]

The Role of Authentic Leadership in Combat and Conflict Situations

Welcome back to our series on leadership in the military, focusing on authenticity, diversity, and inclusivity. In this installment, we explore how authenticity plays a vital role in the highly stressful, demanding, and unpredictable environment of combat and conflict situations. In combat, every decision can have significant consequences. Soldiers place their lives on the line, depending on their leaders’ strategic […]

Defining Authenticity in Military Leadership

Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character, but if you must be without one, be without strategy. This powerful quote by General Norman Schwarzkopf underpins the importance of authenticity in military leadership. As we delve into the significance of authenticity, we’ll explore what it means, why it’s vital, and how it manifests in military contexts. Being authentic means […]

The Hidden Threat of Hyper-Masculinity: Its Shocking Impact on Society and the Rising Violence Against the LGBTQ+ Community

In recent years, the term ‘hyper-masculinity’ has proliferated in academic and popular discourse. It pertains to an excessive emphasis on traits traditionally associated with masculinity, such as physical strength, aggression, competitiveness, and sexual dominance. A challenging issue, hyper-masculinity is increasingly recognized as a threat to the stability of well-functioning societies, including the United States, as it propagates harmful stereotypes and […]

Advocating as a Leader through Visibility

A few months back I received an award. The Navy, proud of their sailor, posted an article congratulating me and sharing my exploits on various social media outlets. There, predictably, the small barking dogs chewed it to threads. I know better than to read the comments, but as an attack pilot, I could not resist going into enemy territory.  It didn’t take […]