Real-time Voice Training Feedback (Peak and Resonance Frequencies)

Real-time Voice Training Feedback (Peak and Resonance Frequencies)

I was using a number of different apps and programs while training my voice. I wanted to have both a real-time FFT and a history of my peak frequency. To do this I often had my phone and computer running next to each other running two different programs that I found suited my needs. After being encouraged to learn a little more programming I developed the webapp:, which is presented below.

My Voice app offers a real-time feed of an incoming microphone and processes an FFT 5 times a second (Frequency vs. Amplitude). Below you are presented with the raw audio stream, the FFT and finally a time history. The time history reports both your peak frequency and a rough estimate of your resonance. Resonance is a difficult thing to estimate but in signal processing it is often calculated like:

Both the FFT and Time History plots also highlight the normal Male (85-180Hz, blue) and Female (165-255Hz, plum) peak frequency ranges (

To use the App as a fullpage app, goto:

NOTES: You can only run one instance at a time and it doesn’t like it if another website is trying to use your microphone at the same time. Furthermore, mobile security requires you to interact with the page prior to allowing a microphone to pull data. If you are having trouble, check the button at the very bottom of the app. The color indicates your status. Red or green, its worth pressing if the program isn’t responding. Finally, a page refresh and/or using the like above may help other issues.

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