Filament Health Monitor (Part 3 – Electronics)

As an Amazon Affiliate I get a portion of all qualifying sales to help support this site. Quick Links Part 1 – Filament Health Monitor Part 1 – Bill of Materials Part 1 – 3D Printed Parts Part 2 – Mechanical Assembly Part 3 – Electronics Part 4 – Software Tools – Rediscovering Wire Wrapping Tools – Arduino Development in […]

Rediscovering Wire Wrapping

Background Think of wire wrapping as a permanent (Although revisable) form of bread boarding.  It is a technique for producing highly reliabe low cost / low run count electronic assemblies.  In fact, it was so much so that it is the technique used for the Apollo guidance computer used to go to the moon and that survived a rocket launch.  […]

Arduino Development In Visual Studio Code

Arduino and its associated IDE (Integrated Development Environment) have been a stable of many of my projects. Even with its utility, it lacks many of the features I have grown accustom to in my other development endeavors. I usually work in Visual Studio Code (VSCode) and got to thinking, “Why can’t I us it to edit my Arduino Sketches.” Well, […]