This site is dedicated to my explorations. I will often fail and somethings succeed but I will always be learning and sharing what I have uncovered.

As a passionate dreamer and maker. I explore the world from first principles through to full implementation. I dive into the how and the why of a thing and pursue to results only on sound foundations. I am many things, a Naval Aviator, Test Pilot, System’s Engineer and Program Manager but above all else, I am a Maker with a love for all things geek.

As an Aviator and Naval Test Pilot, I have accrued over 1600 hours of primary pilot time in 21 different airframes. The majority of this time is within carrier jet aircraft such as the EA-6B Prowler, F-18E/F Super Hornet and EA-18G Growler. I have served in Afghanistan and Iraq, amassing 60+ combat missions in support of U.S. Coalition forces. As a Test Pilot I focused primarily on Electronic Attack systems but was able to moonlight in other areas and test the Advanced Arresting Gear (Carrier Arresting Gear) and Electromagnetic Launch System (Carrier Catapult).

My major efforts as a Systems Engineer have included the Kepler Interplanitary Space Telescope and the Next Generation Naval Fighter. Both systems have / will push the art of the possible and offered unique challanges for systems integration. These will perhaps be my greatest technical legacy.