Elf Helmet

This is a very old prop for me. I built this back in 2002, I was 19 at the time. I got a head cast to sculpt on and sculpted the helmet out of clay. I built the helmet before the Lord of the Rings (The two towers) movie was released and carved it from the few reference photos I could find (Mostly very dark photos) so I didn’t get it quite right and had to fill in the gaps. I created a mold out of plaster and let it set. After removing the clay I cast the piece with fiberglass. At the time I was unaware of gel coating or how to do it so the finish was actually straight fiberglass resin. This was not optimum and did create a few problems later on. I then did a two tone finish, using gold leaf (Another first) on the lower portion and gold paint on the crest. This is not one of my finest pieces but one of my first, so I show it for posterity.